Ticketing and PSLs at Circuit of The Americas

Circuit of The Americas took a big step forward in their latest public phase of operation this weekend with an announcement that account deposits are now being accepted for future purchase of luxury suites and premium grandstand seating News of a...

US Release of ‘Senna’, USGP at SXSW, and CNBC in F1

While most of the US watches news develop overseas and waits for the season opener, the award-winning documentary ‘Senna’ opened to a packed house at the SXSW festival last weekend, and on hand were the film’s director, Asif...

A Visit to the Bruce McLaren Trust

I had the opportunity on a recent road trip through New Zealand to visit the Bruce McLaren Trust. My visit made for an afternoon full of memories of Bruce, his legacy, and life growing up above a service station in an Auckland suburb.

America and Porsche in F1

Balancing the value and availability of each to Porsche are some of the many elements to consider when getting things just right if they enter F1. If the tideโ€™s right, and a new American audience is in place with a home GP, Porsche could find the...

Welcome to F1 in America

Welcome to F1 in America - a blog by and for American and US based fans of Formula 1. Check out my about page for more on my background as an F1 grassroots organizer and grand prix community relations leader, chances are for now you may have...

Peter Habicht is a freelance writer and journalist in Formula 1 and has been involved with the sportโ€™s growth in America since 2005.