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Lewis Hamilton on the Today Show

Congratulations to Mercedes AMG F1 team on a great appearance by Lewis Hamilton on the Today Show this morning: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Lewis appeared before a diverse crowd of fans in Manhattan...

Where to Watch F1 in America in 2011

Here’s a rough guide to finding where (and how) to watch F1 Stateside this year.Β  There have been some new twists in coverage from SPEED, which will include the live streaming of practice sessions not before aired in the US.Β  Check their live...

Welcome to F1 in America

Welcome to F1 in America - a blog by and for American and US based fans of Formula 1. Check out my about page for more on my background as an F1 grassroots organizer and grand prix community relations leader, chances are for now you may have...

Peter Habicht is a freelance writer and journalist in Formula 1 and has been involved with the sport’s growth in America since 2005.